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Are You looking for the best washing machine repair service in Gurgaon , then All Fixes washing machine repair service is the solution. All Fixes Washing machine repair service team will arrange for an expert technician to visit your house or premises at your convenience . You need not worry about the quality of our work – All Fixes guarantees that the technicians sent to repair your washing machine are professionally trained and an expert to take care of all problems – common and complex.

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There are numerous issues that may cause a washing machine not starting. First start with checking the principle power switch, ensure the power plug is not damaged or there is no loose connection as well.The spinning instrument and drainage system framework are both associated. The main reason would be that the pressure switch isn’t working as planned, this can have various causes, either the switch is defective, there is an hole in the pressure pipe line or it has fallen off or the most well-known explanation is the pressure chamber is obstructed.

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